A Note From Joe Celano, President

Welcome to our site and thank you for taking the time to visit with us. We encourage you to take advantage of the tools and information designed to help educate and inform you on Long-Term Care Planning. After your visit we will be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have regarding Long-Term Care. You can contact us by email or telephone us at the number above.

Although Long-Term Care Financial Products are not always right for everyone, everyone should have a conversation about Long-Term Care and determine an acceptable plan on how extended health care needs will be handled when that time comes. That conversation should take place while we are as young and healthy as possible.

Our seasoned Team of Certified Long-Term Care Specialists can discuss this important topic and help you identify what might best serve your particular household in planning for your future Extended Health Care Needs.

Thanks again for visiting with us and we hope to hear from you soon. jc


Our goal is to help you better understand Long-Term Care, Planning for Extended Health Care Needs, Long-Term Care Financial Products, and how proper planning for Long-Term Care can help protect assets, provide quality care with independence, and avoid becoming a full time burden to loved ones.

We have organized pertinent information and interactive tools that will help you better understand not only Long-Term Care but also the serious ramifications of a Long-Term Care event. We invite you to spend some time to explore this information and to contact us for an informative conversation about this important core component of financial retriement planning.

Before getting started with exploring our website, please watch our 10 minute presentation "A Prescription for Long-Term Care".




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