Louisiana Client Testimonials for Joseph Celano

“I have sent you many advisories over the past 50 years but this one could be the most important advice of all: Investigate long-term care insurance! Joseph Celano explained it to us and it’s been a life saver for my wife Lydia and I.” Nash Roberts, Retired Meteorologist, Lydia Roberts, Retired Housewife


“Joe Celano, a true professional, possesses the willingness, energy, knowledge, and sticktoitiveness to secure positive results when the odds are against insurability. I recommend him without hesitation.” J.E. Chauvin, Retired Assistant U. S. Attorney, U. S. Department of Justice


“Joe was able to explain the somewhat complicated issues involving long-term care. But most of all, I trust him.” Michael G. Hall, Consultant, Cheri Hall, Commercial Real Estate Agent


“As a business owner and insurance agent I turned to Joe Celano to help me with structuring my longterm care policy. In my opinion he’s the best in the business. Period!” Simon Mexic, Retired Business Owner of Mexic Brothers Jewelry Stores; Semi-Retired Ins. Agent


“Joe guided us through selecting a long-term care policy for my 82 year old mother. Two years later he personally helped us activate the policy. Joe creates relationships; he doesn’t sell insurance.” Lamar Berry, President of International Marketing Systems, Ellen Berry, Housewife


“Joe Celano answered all of our questions. His patience and experience helped us make an important decision to get the proper long-term care insurance sized for our household. We highly recommend him. His talents and abilities really shined.” Kenneth Bourgeois, Retired U.S. Marine Corps Major, Edwana Bourgeois, Housewife


“In today’s world, where long-term care is so very important to understand properly… it was very easy to tailor a plan that made my family and me very comfortable. Joe accomplished this through his professional, easy manner, expertise, knowledgeable answers, and presenting the pros and cons of the many options available. Ron Holmberg, Master Tennis Professional



Florida Client Testimonials for Joseph Celano

“Joe Celano is an expert in long-term care insurance. He led us efficiently through a process that resulted in our understanding risks, options and costs. Working with him was an enjoyable experience.” Donald Reek, Retired Partner, Accounting & Consulting Firm, Diana Reek, Retired Housewife


“We had some unique complications with our long-term care insurance and Joe resolved them. Without reservation, we would recommend him.” Steven A. Meyer, M.D., Retired Medical Doctor, Charlotte Meyer, Retired Housewife


“Joe Celano’s extensive training and experience helped us build a unique long-term care plan to fit our lifestyle, health profiles and budget. Our family is comforted that we planned for our own future healthcare.” Harold M. Spinner, Jr., Retired Sheriff, Gilda Spinner, Retired Loan Officer


“We found Joe through the Naval Academy Alumni Association’s relationship with his company. We went from absolute ignorance of long-term care to comfortable owners of LTC policies. Joe’s patience is his best virtue. His expertise and professionalism are unmatched.” Richard Kirtley, Retired Navy; Retired Defense Contractor, Motivational Speaker,  Debra Kirtley, Retired Housewife


“Joe very carefully and patiently guided us through a complex application process for our long-term care policies. His assistance was invaluable.” James Buce, Retired Regional Transportation & Distribution Manager, Judith Buce, Retired U.S. Treasury Department Audit Manager


“In addressing our questions and concerns about long-term care, Joe Celano was very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. He was a great resource for this very comprehensive subject.” David Mower, Retired, Madeline Mower, Retired Housewife


“Joe was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. He was clear on all points of the policy. He was very pleasant and helpful in designing a policy to meet my needs." Peggy Dennard, Retired Educator